Year 1994
Meeting Information

December 13, 1994
We are honored to host the Lt. Governor of the State of Colorado, Sam Cassidy. Mr. Cassidy will be speaking on the state's approach to the future of the Information Highway.

November 8, 1994
Dr. Curt Stevens and Mark Timpe (cstevens & timpe@knightridder.com ) from Knight-Ridder Information Design Labs will talk to us about "The Future of Publishing & Newspapers in an Increasingly Electronic Age."

October 3, 1994
We have four brave souls that are willing to stand up and talk about their experiences with software packages and connecting to the Internet.

September 13, 1994
The September 13th meeting of the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group (RMIUG) will feature a panel discussion on encryption, cryptography and privacy. Our expert panel is made up of moderator Duane Thompson, an encryption user and privacy/encryption enthusiast, Mike Johnson, a technical expert in data compression and cryptography, and Philip Dubois, a computer lawyer representing Philip Zimmermann. The meeting will include background information on encryption, and a on of current issues.

August 9, 1994
Our speaker for the August 9th Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group is Dr. Michael Schwartz from the CU Computer Science Department. He will discuss ``Harvest: A Scalable, Customizable Discovery and Access System' ' I.e. Mike will try to answer the question ``what's out there on the Internet'' and ``how do I find it.'' Mike is well known in Internet circles for his leading-edge (and sometimes controversial) research and is a dynamic speaker.

July 12, 1994
Our speakers for the July 12th Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group are Neal McBurnett (AT&T Bell Labs), Wally Wedel (US West Advanced Technologies), and Madeline Gonzalez (Boulder Community Network). They will present the Boulder Community Network; an on-line library of information for and about Boulder County. The community will be able to browse the World Wide Web for local and global information via public kiosks, the Internet and eventually free dial-up lines.

June 14, 1994
The June 14 Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group will try something different. Chris Fedde of US West will facilitate a question and answer session where a panel of network and system administration professionals will answer your questions about how network and Internet services are provided. If you are a network user this is your chance to ask the hard questions. If you are an administrator this is your opportunity to share ideas with your peers.

May 10, 1994
Our first speaker for the May 10 Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group meeting is Ed Tully, from Community News Service, an Internet service provider. Mr. Tully will be showing us a live Internet demo of various items on the Net of interest to business. Our second speaker is Andrew Currie, President of Cyberspace Development, a Boulder company which builds Internet storefronts for companies that want to establish a commercial presence on the Net. Mr. Currie's talk will be on Internet Commerce and will also include an Internet demonstration.

April 12, 1994
Our featured speaker for the April 12 Rocky Mountain Internet Users' Group meeting is Mr. Art Smoot, an Internet consultant based in Boulder. Mr. Smoot's talk is titled Dialing Into Cyberspace. It will review the three basic options to connect to the Internet over a standard phone connection: dial-in interactive access, SLIP/PPP, and UUCP connection. The presentation will compare the three approaches, discuss the pro's and con's of each and address ease of use for each method.

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