October 3rd, 1994

Userfest - Connectivity Software Experiences

10/03/94 RMIUG Meeting - Userfest - Connectivity Software Experiences

We have four brave souls that are willing to stand up and talk about their experiences with software packages and connecting to the Internet.

The meeting is Monday, October 3 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm (with optional 6:30 pm start for informal networking and refreshments). The meeting will be held at NCAR -- National Center for Atmospheric Research -- in Boulder, which is located on the west end of Table Mesa Drive, up the hill, right under the Flatirons. Park in the NCAR lot, go in the main door, and ask the guard to point you to meeting, which is held in the auditorium. There is no cost for the meeting. Thanks to Internet One of Boulder for sponsoring refreshments.

Consultants and companies are invited to bring Internet-related product information, brochures, and business cards which will be displayed on an information table. There are email mailing lists set up for this group. General information can be obtained by sending an Email to rmiug@rmiug.org which will generate an auto-reply that tells you about the group and how to subscribe to the lists.

I am including a short blurb about each person and what area he will be covering. We have not received many "specific" questions and therefore will pretty much open the floor after a short, 5-10 Min., presentation by each of the people listed below.

Thank you to each of the people below.
Randy Holt (rholt@ingr.com)

David Eisler

David Eisler, Arvada CO, eisler@ix.netcom.com, Netcruiser user, software author (Monster Smash, On Balance, Bottom Line), cardiovascular mechanical engineer, and mad inventor.

In Dave's own words...

I use Netcom's "Netcruiser" software, a GUI Windows Internet interface. The program has problems, but overall I think it's GREAT because it was so easy to startup and start surfing.

Netcruiser includes: Mail, Newsgroups, FTP, Telnet, Gopher, Finger, Web brouser, and an image viewer.

Cost: $25 set up( including Netcruiser software) + $20/ mo. That includes 40 free peak time hours and UNLIMITED offpeak hours. Peak hours are 9AM to Midnight. It's a local call from Denver.

I've tried less expensive services, but for impatient dummies like me, this is the best!

James Schrecengost

Started cruising the internet abt 6 months ago.. in a wild gopher search one day, I found RMIUG. I am currently the PC/Windows Internet support person for Schuller International at the Mountain Technical Center. Everything I know has been either learned by hit and miss or reading the docs. I have been working with computers (PC's mostly) since the Apple II+.

In James' own words...

Well, I have used several [windows] shareware apps for quite some time now.. they are: Eudora Mail Client, Trumpet Winsock packet driver 4 win, Trumpet newsreader and mail client, WS FTP client, Hamptons Gopher, Mosiac, WS IRC, Telnet, and other random utilities like host lookup, finger and Ping.

I am the PC/Windows support person (for Schuller International, MTC Plant site in Littleton, Co.) concerning the internet (and other issues as well). We have a Direct PPP line thru a NetBlazer modem (soon to upgrade to a unix box & a 56KB line). I also use the same utilities at home with a dial-in Slip account at Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc. (the same service provider that Schuller uses). I enjoy teaching people abt the i-net and various capabilities for other platforms (We use Mac's also, I don't support them directly but I know how they work fairly well, just not as intimately as w/ the windows clients). I would be honored to be chosen to be on the panel for your Oct. Meeting.. Windows is very popular, I doubt that I am your ONLY choice..

PS.. I love OS/2 and am looking at getting stuff for the internet for it at

Dave Martin

David Martin, formely of the Tattered Cover Bookstore, is a consultant specializing in C and Database software development. David has been using Linux both at home and at work as an alternative to commercial personal UNIX implementations.

Dave will talk about his personal experiences using Linux and dialup IP.

Dan Notov

Consultant at Large specializing in Systems and Network Administration, and Internet Connectivity issues. During the past eight years he has worked for firms in such diverse fields as NY Advertising, German computers, and Colorado VARs.

In Danno's own words...

I use a MAC SE with MacPPP to access the Internet via RMII. The tools I use include NCSA Telnet/Mosaic, Eudora 1.4 (E-mail), Fetch (a nice ftp tool), Turb Gopher, MacWWW, InterNews (nntp reader).

I can describe what's needed to get started, how much it cost, and my trials & tribulations getting it up & running. I can also compare & contrast the various tools I have used.

My talk will center on:

  • What's needed & how to get it
    • MacTCP, InterSlip, MacPPP
    • Adam Engst's Internet Start Kit book
  • Getting connected
    • Configuring login scripts
  • The toys
    • Eudora
    • InterNews
    • Fetch
    • Turbo Gopher
    • Mosaic/MacWWW
  • home.. I would like to see something that supports dial-in SLIP..
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