November 8th, 1994

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11/08/94 RMIUG Meeting - The Future of Publishing & Newspapers

Dr. Curt Stevens and Mark Timpe (cstevens & timpe@knightridder.com) from Knight-Ridder Information Design Labs will talk to us about "The Future of Publishing & Newspapers in an Increasingly Electronic Age."

Curt & Mark will present their vision of the electronic newspaper of the future and discuss ways to help the newspaper industry evolve in the increasingly electronic age. They will discuss reasons why newspapers are in a good position to take advantage of electronic publishing and what the challenges are. A video will illustrate this vision and should provide a good basis for discussion.

The Information Design Laboratory, located in Boulder, is a reseach arm of Knight-Ridder, Inc. Knight-Ridder owns 29 daily newspapers (local, national and international), content services for newspapers and other media (KRT News Service, KRT News In Motion, KRT Photo Service, KRT Business News, KRT Graphics Service) as well as electronic online services for the publishing (PressLink), business (DIALOG, Data-Star), transportation (PIERS, Transax) and financial (Knight-Ridder Financial) communities.

FYI: We have a variety of announcements planned for this meeting, so our main speaker will probably not start until about 7:30. Dan Murray (RMIUG founder) will present some thoughts on where the RMIUG "Executive Committee" thinks RMIUG should go in the next year. Will Clurman will give a brief demonstration of the RMIUG logo entries (final judging next month), and Dan Pacheco will summarize the recently held Internet AspenFest. As always, we welcome comments/announcements from the audience. (we'll also have a special prize for the RMIUG member who has attended the most meetings - this will be our 10th)

The meeting is Tuesday, November 8th (election night! ;-) from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, with optional 6:30 pm start for informal networking and refreshments. The meeting will be held at NCAR -- National Center for Atmospheric Research -- in Boulder, which is located on the west end of Table Mesa Drive, up the hill, right under the Flatirons. Park in the NCAR lot, go in the main door, and ask the guard to point you to meeting, which is held in the auditorium. There is close-in parking available at NCAR for the physically challenged. For detailed information about NCAR accessibility, please call NCAR at 429-3340 and talk to Facilities. There is no cost for the meeting.

We will have Internet books that can be checked out of our virtual library. Thanks to RMIUG members Joe Betts and Bo (the Bohemian) for organizing the RMIUG library. Please return any books you borrowed last time.

Consultants and companies are invited to bring Internet-related product information, brochures, and business cards which will be displayed on an information table.

Our next meeting will be December 13th which will feature Colorado Lt. Governor Sam Cassidy who will talk about what the government of Colorado's perspective is on the information highway,

RMIUG wishes to thank Internet One for providing refreshments and XOR Network Engineering for electronic "stuff."

There is an email mailing list set up for this group. General information can be obtained by sending an Email to rmiug@rmiug.org which will generate an auto-reply that tells you about the group and how to subscribe.

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