Year 1994
Meeting Minutes

December 13, 1994
Our keynote speaker was Colorado Lieutenant Governor Samuel H. (Sam) Cassidy (ltgov@csn.net) who has has been a leader on telecommunication issues in the state of Colorado since his days in the State Legislature.

November 8, 1994
Our feature talk was presented by Curt Stevens and Mark Timpe of Knight Ridder Information Labs. The talk was entitled "The Future of Publishing & Newspapers in an Increasingly Electronic Age".

October 3, 1994
Randy Holt MC'ed the meeting, which was a Userfest panel discussion involving six RMIUG'ers describing the software and hardware they use to work and play over the Internet.

September 13, 1994
The September 13th meeting of the Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group (RMIUG) featured a panel discussion on encryption, cryptography and privacy. A public-key encryption program called Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) was published by a Boulder resident named Philip Zimmermann. The program was released over the Internet in June 1991 as free software and has had global impact.

August 9, 1994
Our featured speaker was Dr. Michael Schwartz, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado - Boulder (Schwartz@cs.colorado.edu). He discussed ``Harvest: A Scalable, Customizable Discovery and Access System'' for the Internet. Rapid growth in data volume, user base, and data diversity renders it increasingly difficult to make effective use of Internet-accessible information.

July 12, 1994
Our featured speaker was Neal McBurnett (AT&T, neal@drmail.dr.att.com), along with Wally Wedel (US West, wwedel@uswest.com), and Madeline Gonzale (BCN, madeline@spot.colorado.edu). The presentation gave an explanation and demo of Boulder Community Network, a free online library of community information.

June 14, 1994
Our featured speaker for June 14th was actually a panel. Our panel was composed of Evi Nemeth of CU-Boulder (evi@cs.colorado.edu), John Matthews of US West (matthews@mis.uswest.com), Randy Holt of Intergraph (rholt@camus.edaca.ingr.com) and Trent Hein of XOR Network Engineering (trent@xor.com). All have been involved in the Network/Sysadmin business for quite some time, and they brought a wealth of knowledge to discuss Internet System Administration.

April 12, 1994
Our featured speaker for the April 12 Group meeting was Mr. Art Smoot, an Internet consultant based in Boulder. Mr. Smoot's talk was titled Dialing Into Cyberspace. It reviewed the three basic options to connect to the Internet over a standard phone connection: dial-in interactive access, SLIP/PPP, and UUCP connection.

March 8, 1994
Our featured speaker for the March 8 meeting was Mr. Guy Cook, CEO of Colorado SuperNet. Guy's talk was titled: "The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool Or Gaining Competitive Advantage with the Internet". Guy's slides focused on how the Internet is changing the way companies do business.


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