March 8th, 1994

Guy Cook - The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool

03/08/94 RMIUG Meeting Minutes - Guy Cook - The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool

The Rocky Mountain Internet User's Group had its second meeting on March 8th, 1994. We started about 15 minutes late (7:15) due to the bad weather. Dan mentioned that we are 2 for 2 with snowy weather, so let him know when you are skiing next and he will schedule a RMIUG meeting! ;-)

Some general administrivia issues and announcements of interest.

  • Of the ~100 people present, it appears that about half of the audience was not on the RMIUG list but that only 3 did not have any Email access at all. I talked briefly about the list, and encouraged people to send a "subscribe rmiug" to majordomo@csn.org. The general concesus seemed to be that we don't want tons of junk Email, so although this list is an "open" one, I'd encourage people to post info of general interest only.
  • Alan McCartney (amc@stortek.com) mentioned an upcoming Sun Synergy Satellite Broadcast scheduled for March 15th. A subsequent posting to RMIUG mentioned that you could stop by NCAR to see this.
  • Jim Sheeler (James_R._Sheeler@onenet-bbs.org) from the Boulder Camera Business Section mentioned that he was doing an article on the Internet and was interested in talking to people who use the Internet.
  • Steve Norman asked about RMIUG setting up a Wide Area Web server. This is being investigated, but I suspect the mailing list will be the main source of information for the short-term. BTW, there is some activity "behind the scenes" to improve our electronic "setup"
  • An upcoming Front Range Unix Users Group (FRUUG) meeting about Internet Providers was mentioned. This will be held at the auditorium at the National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) at 325 South Broadway in Boulder from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M. Tuesday, March 22 1994. FRUUG does a nice job with their meetings, and if you are interested to hear about Internet Providers, this is highly recommended. Details about this were also posted to RMIUG (or Email fruug-info@fruug.org)
There was a short presentation from Brad Sutton (Brad_Sutton@onenet-bbs.org) of Black Labs about what his company does. Black Labs has an entrepenaurial background, and is developing (from what I gathered) a "KnowBot" program that will "search" the Internet for information that you want. It will "know" where certain stashes of info is, and although it will be general purpose, one product of particular interest is a bio-tech application (ummm, what a co-incidence given Boulder's scientific community! ;-) Black Labs is sponsoring an upcoming conference titled "Profit on the Information Highway" to be held at the Boulder Clarion Hotel on March 30th, 1994; call (303) 530-0511 for more info. He said if you mention you belong to RMIUG, you'll get a special discounted price of $99 (versus $199).

The main presentation was by Guy Cook, CEO for Colorado SuperNet. CSN is one of the main Internet Providers in Colorado (attend the above mentioned FRUUG meeting to hear about others). Guy's talk was titled: "The Internet as a Strategic Business Tool Or Gaining Competitive Advantage with the Internet". Guy's slides focused on how the Internet is changing the way companies do business. There were also several questions about the Internet in general. There were several questions about security - the March/1994 issue of Scientific American has an excellent article about the Internet that is recommended. In addition, the "Clipper Chip" was mentioned, and RMIUG hopes to have Phil Zimmerman, inventor of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), talk to us sometime down the road.

Guy also discussed some of the Myths & Facts of the Internet. For instance, many people think that commercial business is not allows on the "Net" when in fact over 60% of the traffic is such. He also referred several times to an Internet article in the March 7th issue of Fortune.

Guy closed by pointing out that the Internet is growing at 20%/month, and that notions of Property, Value, Ownership are changing fundamentally and that Politicians, Regulators, & Lawyers (my favorite group!) don't necessarily understand this. (All of this should make for an interesting environment, eh? ;-).

The next RMIUG meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th. Speaker and location to be announced on this list - stay tuned! ;-)

Suggestions/comments/feedback are always welcome - pls direct these to Dan Murray (ac551@freenet.hsc.colorado.edu) or 447-3475.

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