April 12th, 1994

Art Smoot, Dialing Into Cyberspace

04/12/94 RMIUG Meeting Minutes - Art Smoot, Dialing Into Cyberspace

Where: NCAR Boulder
Who: About 75 attendees
Weather: Clear

Refreshments provided by InternetOne, a Boulder-based consulting company founded by Dave Hieb (davehieb@InternetOne.COM).

The fliers table was overflowing.

Annoucements (Dan Murray and audience):

  • Alek Komarnitsky, Randy Holt, and Bryan Buus were recognized for their voluntary efforts in helping launch RMIUG.
  • Audience poll:
    About 50% Boulder, 30% Denver, 5% Ft. Collins, 5% other.
    60% on electronic mailing list, 260 entries long.
    Most have Internet access at work and home.
    Only 2% do not have email access.
    A fair number use all of higher-end tools like ftp, WWW, etc.
    Maybe 10% are Internet consultants.
  • There may be a Colorado Springs chapter of RMIUG forming; the contact is Ed Tully (719-592-1240).
  • Dan Murray mentioned that one of rs/ds/is.internic.net hosts has a zip code-oriented lookup of domain names (I will investigate this and report back).
  • Most distant virtual member is someone who moved to the Antarctica.
  • Literature available:
    Online Access - Internet Special Issue
    Colorado Computer User - Info Highway
    Internet World.
  • The Boulder County Business Expo is looking for volunteers for a panel on the Internet as an international business tool. It will be held June 7-8, with 200 exhibitors and 2K attendees. Contact Alice Swanson, 442-1044, for info on the show. Contact Dan about the panel (447-3475).
  • Colin Dunn (of Colorado Daily "What's New" Section) will maintain a list of local Internet access providers (somewhere).
  • There was a unanimous vote to hold summer meetings.
  • Mention was made of the Hillside Elementary WWW server.
  • Jones Cable Network (Ch 22?) will have a show on encryption and privacy April 18 6pm (oops, maybe someone can summarize).
  • Robert Carpenter of Pearl Street Computers (444-1476) is looking for consultants to subcontract Internet work to.
  • Neal McBurnett volunteered to talk (or arrange a speaker) on the Boulder Community Network soon.
  • Steve "McGara" asked for Linux help (ed: Tom Donahue, tdonahue@csn.org, is a good source here).
  • Dan gave away several door prizes - Internet magazine subscriptions and SLIP software - both donations from publishers/manufacturers.
  • Everyone was invited to a "Doom" party held by Party held by Will Clurman of Productive Computer Solutions in Boulder. It was fun, but visitors (like RMIUG committee members) kept getting killed by the bad guys. ;-)

Main Speaker

Art Smoot (AES Consulting, aesmoot@aescon.com, 499-3837) gave an animated talk on the three ways to connect to the Internet via a modem:

  • Interactive - cheap, easy, but relative to provider's computer (requiring xmodem, etc.) and plain-jane user interface.
  • UUCP - batch oriented (no real time access like telnet), very cheap.
  • SLIP - relative to your computer and fanciest interface, allowing Mosaic, etc.; harder to setup, potential security issues.

MS-DOS/Windows followers should ftp to Art's ftp directory on CSN (ftp to ftp.aescon.com, cd Aescon) for pointers to relevant software; Mac types can pick up a flier David Menges wrote or contact him (dcm@ygnacio.com, 795-5557).

Other Presentations

Alek Komarnitsky (alek@spatial.com) explained RMIUG's online mailing lists. The lists so far are:

auto reply explaining RMIUG and the other lists
most RMIUG members
RMIUG "executive committee"
mail to RMIUG librarians
When in doubt, mail rmiug@rmiug.org.
Note: Sending Email to rmiug-list goes to most members (260 entries and growing), so be careful about using this address. However, having said that, please feel free to "post" information of general interest.

There are also information repositories accessible

ftp.rmiug.org, cd rmiug
Joe Betts (joebetts@csn.org) and Bo the Bohemian (beau@bohemia.metronet.org) presented the new RMIUG library and it's rules. Several companies like O'Reilly have donated quite a few volumes already. The rules are basically that you borrow a book at one meeting and bring it back to the next meeting. Again, note librarian email address above.

Comments on the minutes (or anything) should be sent to rmiug-comm@rmiug.org. The when/where/what of our next meeting will be posted asap.

Next meeting May 10th at NCAR in Boulder, 7 - 9 pm. The speaker will be Andrew Currie of Cyberspace Development on Internet storefronts and doing business on the Internet. Possible live Internet demo.

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