Exec Emeritus

This is the list of executive committee members that have moved on to other endeavors. We thank them for their contributions!

  • Alek Komarnitsky has been involved with computers since his High School Vice-Principal told him that if was ever caught on the school district computer again, they would institute legal action against him. His educational background includes an Aero/Astro Engineering ungraduate from the University of Washington and an MBA (heaven forbid! ;-) from CU-Boulder. He has worked for Computer Sciences Corporation for over a decade and is currently a "Chief Technologist" helping manage the Distributed Computing Environment for a Fortune 100 company. He also spent 4 years as an Air Force Officer doing weapons research (“it done blowed up real good!”) and 6 years as the Network/Systems Manager for two Boulder County software start-ups. More about him (and his wonderful family plus THOUSANDS of Christmas lights ;-) Here's a picture of Alek (Mr. Chipmunk Cheeks ;-) demonstrating his skiing style.

  • Art Smoot (aesmoot@aescon.com) has over 99 years experience in the computer field, with extensive experience in large scale systems, graphic systems, industrial strength publishing and SGML and systems integration. Art is a primary consultant with AES Consulting, Inc, specializing in Internet consulting, network integration, training and support. He teaches a variety of internet classes in the area and as part of CU's Continuing Education program. He runs a commercial world-wide-web server (http://www.aescon.com) which supports a wide variety of applications and clients. Art has degrees in Mathematics, but has forgotten most of it.

  • Bryan Buus quietly kickstarted O'Reilly's & Associate's online presence in 1992 by creating ORA's Gopher server, while still attending school at Boston University. He received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Boston University in 1992. He graduated the following year from Boston University with his Master's degree in Computer Science, specializing in Internet information services. He then packed up all his stuff and ventured to Boulder, Colorado. He currently works at XOR Network Engineering as the manager of Internet Technologies, developing their Web and Intranet division. Bryan is also a coauthor of “Managing Internet Information Services,” published by O'Reilly & Associates.

  • Randy Holt spent a tour in the Air Force learning about electronics. After he left the service and started college for Architecture, he began supporting a CAD network of computer systems to support his college habit. It was supposed to be a short job, just long enough to learn how to power down computers when they started taking over the world. Randy's fascination with computers grew and overtook his desire to finish college. That was 1980; in 1993 he finished his bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration at Regis College. He now manages a group of people supporting the computers and network for a large Electronics Automation Design company spread from Alabama to California.

  • Will Clurman began working on the Internet in 1991 on a project for AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales), at the AIESEC USA National Computing Center at the University of Colorado. At Productive Computer Solutions in Boulder he manages projects for the solution of business problems through networked information technology. His educational background is in Philosophy and Mathematics.

  • The original RMIUG mascot.

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