Special Events - RMIUG BBQ 95

The RMIUG BBQ was held on Saturday, July 15th on the deck of Alek's house in Boulder. We started at 6:00 under sunny skies, and it stayed that way for the rest of the evening until we got chased indoors after dark by the mosquitoes (despite the tiki torches with Selantro oil).

This was a BYOB (Bring Your Own BBQ) and a variety of fixing were brought, including some great corn on the cob and baked beans (both of which did just fine on the gas BBQ grill). Don Robinson (donr@deico.com) was gracious enough to bring two kegs of home brew beer - quite tasty - thanx Don! ;-)


Here's a picture of the crowd: Please note the dogs in the foreground; one RMIUG'er almost brought their goats.


Also note that people were serious about eating - here's one RMIUG Exec that was chowing all day long (on Alek's frisbee no less! ;-):

It was nice to actually meet/talk to "cyberspace" people in person, and we'll probably do another shin-dig like this next summer.

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